advanced_attachment addons for OpenERP 7.0

These addons enhance OpenERP’s native attachment system with several interesting features.


This module provides the option to store attachments as PostgreSQL large objects.

For general information on the three classical ways to store file-like content in a PostgreSQL DB, see this wiki page.

OpenERP’s default in-database storage is a base64 encoded text column. The framework also provides a file system storage (tree of directories so that it scales well on linked lists based file systems such as EXT4)

Advantages over the default in-database storage

  • better RAM efficiency (the bigger each individual file is, the more this is true)
  • possibility to dump easily the base without the large objects (very useful for bug reproduction)

Advantages over the file system storage

Nothing can beat the file system in terms of read/write performance. That being said, large objects

  • are transactional (fully ACID)
  • work out of the box in multi-system setups (no need for NFS or similar file sharing tools)
  • keep allowing easy, consistent backups of the whole system

How to use

Once the module is installed, to have ir_attachment records been stored as large objects by default, set the following record in ir.config_parameter:


Preexisting attachments are unaffected.


for various compatibility reasons, this implementation still does the same on-the-fly base64 encoding and decoding as the filesystem storage, which is obviously non optimal, especially for very large files (over 100 MB).

At least this puts the strain on the application part, not on the database system. A later version might bring more options.

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