this project is currently in the process of being renamed to anybox.buildbot.odoo.

anybox.buildbot.openerp aims to be a turnkey buildbot master setup for a bunch of buildout-based Odoo/OpenERP installations (see anybox.recipe.odoo and anybox.recipe.openerp).

Its main features are:

  • execution of the buildout and scheduling according to the VCS sources it holds
  • installation of Odoo modules and various way to run the tests
  • capability-based attachment of buildslaves and in particular PostgreSQL version filtering and demultiplication of builds
  • build of project documentation (with Sphinx)
  • creation and upload of extracted releases in tarball format

Having a new OpenERP generic or custom installation buildbotted against all the slaves attached to the master is just a matter of copying the corresponding buildout in the buildouts subdirectory of the master and referencing it in buildouts/MANIFEST.cfg. It is also possible to reference a remote buildout definition from a version control system (VCS) in the manifest file.

An interesting practice for buildbotting of in-house custom projects is to put this buildouts subdirectory itself under version control with your preferred VCS, and let the developpers push on it.

It is designed not to be too intrusive to buildbot itself, so that buildbot users can tweak their configuration in the normal buildbot way, and even add more builds, possibly not even related to OpenERP.

The real-time scheduling works by polling the remote VCS systems (currently for Bazaar, Git and Mercurial). There is a basic URL rewritting capability to ease make this polling efficient.

Quick master setup

These steps are for a first setup.

  1. Install this package in a virtualenv. This will install buildbot as well.

  2. Create a master in the standard way (see buildbot create-master --help).

  3. If you are creating a new buildbot master, the file master.cfg.sample included within this package should work out of the box. Just rename it master.cfg and put it in the master directory.

    If you are extending an existing buildbot master, add these lines in master.cfg right after the definition of BuildMasterConfig:

    from anybox.buildbot.openerp import configure_from_buildouts
    configure_from_buildouts(basedir, BuildmasterConfig)
  4. Copy the buildouts directory included in the source distribution in the master or make your own (check buildouts/MANIFEST.cfg for an example on how to do that). In previous step, one can actually provide explicit locations for buildouts directories.

  5. Put a slaves.cfg file in the master directory. See the included slaves.cfg.sample for instructions.

Then check the main package documentation for intructions about referencing your buildouts and the numerous options.

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