Custom builds: subfactoriesΒΆ


this subsystem has been vastly extended since the writing of this documentation.

There is a hook to replace the steps that run after the buildout (test run, then log analysis) by custom ones. This is an advanced option, meant for users that are aware of the internals of anybox.buildbot.openerp, and notably of the properties that it sets and uses.

In the master configuration file, register a callable that returns a list of buildbot steps. Instead of calling configure_from_buildouts, follow this example:

from anybox.buildbot.openerp.configurator import BuildoutsConfigurator
configurator = BuildoutsConfigurator(basedir)
configurator.post_buildout_steps['mycase'] = mycase_callable

where mycase_callable is typically a function, and must have this signature:

def mycase_callable(configurator, options, buildout_slave_path,

where we the paramters are:


the instance of anybox.buildbot.openerp.configurator.BuildoutsConfigurator

that does all the job.
the whole manifest file section, seen as a dict.
the path to the buildout configuration file, relative to the build directory.
OS environment to passed to the commands. This is really important, for instance, capability options (PostgreSQL ports...) are applied through this environment variables.

Then, report the mycase name in MANIFEST.cfg, in the sections for the relevant buildouts:

post-buildout-steps = mycase

The standard build is given by the install-modules-test key. You can actually chain them by specifying several such keys (one per line) in the configuration option. Here’s a real-life example:

post-buildout-steps = static-analysis

There are many other builtin subfactories, see :py:module:`anybox.buildbot.openerp.subfactories`.

TODO: refactor the doc in two sections, the first listing them and explaining how to use them in conf, the second explaining how to register custom ones. The first doc would not require internal knowledge of buildbot or anybox.buildbot.openerp.

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